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Updated: Sep 11, 2023

Whether you are going for classic roses or exotic Easter lilies, they will wither away sooner or later. At Amore' Flowerscaping we got you covered with an ideal alternative; silk florals that replicate the natural charm and delicate beauty of real flowers. Amore' Flowerscaping; Creating Life with Love. Let Amore' Flowerscaping create your next experience.

I recently celebrated my 62nd birthday. With it came a reality check and a huge refund. The check was simply me coming to terms with the fact that I am unique and have been endowed with many gifts for which I do not have to apologize. The huge refund was from God. It was the benefit of me being willing to utilize my gifts, and I am eternally grateful. Don't apologize for who you are. If it's in your hands, use it. It was given to you for a reason. Then, cultivate the most earnest gift. Wow! Real Talk. Take time to refine the gifts you have been given. Lay your excuses aside. To Thine ownself be true.

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